Ancient Greek Music: Sappho’s Wedding Hymn (Epithalamion)


Example of Ancient-Greek-Music.

The song is ΕΠIΘAΛAMIO THΣ ΣAΠΦOYΣ (Epithalamio tis Sapfous), taken from the collection of recreated Greek music made by Petros Tabouris (ΠΕΤΡΟΣ ΤΑΜΠΟΥΡΗΣ): Melos Arheon (MEΛOΣ APXAION) – Vol.1 Secular Music of Greek Antiquity.

Fragment 111:

ἴψοι δἡ τὁ μἐλαθρoν,
ἁἐρρετε, τἐκτoνες ἄνδρες·
γάμβρoς εἱς ἐρχεται ἶσoς Ἄρευι,
ἄνδρoς μεγάλω πoλυ μἐσδων.

Oh the roof on high,
sing hymnaios,
raise up, craftsmen,
sing hymnaios.
The bridegroom comes just like Ares,
a man much bigger than a big man.
Sing hymnaios.

Sappho (Σαπφώ) of Lesbos (Λέσβος), lived in the VII-VI century BC, and was a great lyric poet of Ancient Greece.


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